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12 Responses

  1. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    I have Pteromerhanophobia, Gephysrophobia and Glossophobia.

    Pteromerhanophobia is the fear of flying. I usually have to take medication to get on a plane. I just keep from thinking "those people don't know we are going to fall on them". I 1999 I was in a very near air disaster flying home from New York and we had to make an emergency landing outside Chicago. I cried at the thought of having to board another aircraft and subsequently got pissing drunk to get back on the plane.

    Gephysrophobia is the fear of bridges. Although, I have worked very hard and no longer white knuckle small bridges like our own Cypress bridge. I do not like expansive bridges much at all. And if they arch, turn or sway. I freak.

    Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. I college I dropped out of public speaking 3 times. 11 years ago while working for the United Way in Sacramento my phobia came to fill term. I was scheduled to speak to some 300 team leaders from city, state and local agencies during a breakfast training. My nerves were on overload that morning. Breakfast had just be served and as I took the podium and introduced myself I vomited all over myself and the podium. I politely excused myself and ran to my truck. Once I left that room I felt fine. Recounting this incident still gives me heart palpitations.

  2. Avatar Priscilla says:

    I guess I have a public speaking phobia a bit I like to challenge myself and try to do things I don't normally do In attempt to try and conquer those things that I might have issues with. So about 3 years ago I volunteered a speech at take back the night here in Redding just to try to overcome my fear and because it was for a good cause. I talked about the effects of domestic violence on children. Because I was Passionate about this Issue I knew I could be driven to overcome my fear. The first couple words were hard but speaking passionatley telling my story and looking at the audience knowing they were recieving an Important message really helped me be comfortable with my own presence. I am still fearful when speaking in a group sometimes but have also surprised myself speaking up in big groups at college or meetings. I definitley define my first experience as a helpful in shedding off some of my fear with this issue.

  3. Avatar Loves to Eat says:

    Snakes. Just the thought of them in the wild makes me anxious to hike, swim in a lake or creek, or fish off a bank. I can not enjoy the beauty of the surrounding as I am constantly scanning the area for my slithering nemesis.

  4. Avatar Chris Bennor says:

    Snakes. Blistery expanses (nice imagery) on skin, human or animal. Clowns a bit.

  5. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    I don't classify this as a phobia, but I really detest earwigs. When I was a child someone (bless them!) told me that they crawl in your ears at night and gnaw their way to your brain. When I am gardening and see one of those nasty bugs, I end up jumping around and squealing like a crazy woman.

  6. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    I am with you Troy on the public speaking. I applaud you for the way you can appear comfortable to us.

    And Grammalyn, my daughter did wake up crying in the middle of the night with an earwig in her ear! Some old wives tales are true!

  7. Avatar Erin Friedman says:

    It's not a phobia – but spiders make me shriek. I TRY to get over it — walking on the River Trail and admiring their intricate handiwork in the blackberry brambles. They are amazing critters – but they need to stay out of my house, my bed and my bath.

    Troy – What a great story you have about overcoming your fear. Good on you!

  8. Avatar Kelly Brewer says:

    I have trouble breathing during underwater scenes in a movie. But I like to swim. What a weirdo.

  9. Avatar Frank N. Miller says:

    I've been misplacing my phobias lately and I think I'm going to procrastinate looking for them…

  10. Avatar Sarah says:

    I am afraid of heights. I don't like to climb/hike because of it.

  11. Avatar Trina says:

    Driving in big cities…like San Francisco…which is really sucky because that's where my boys live! I sooo wish I could get over it!