Redding Police Shooting Justified, Say Chief and DA

Law officers were justified when they shot and killed a Los Gatos man after he tried to rob a Redding bank last month, law-enforcement officials said Wednesday.

At a morning news conference at the Redding Police Department, Police Chief Peter Hansen and Shasta County District Attorney Gerald Benito said that they had concluded that the seven officers who fired their weapons at 20-year-old Brandon Reuter had acted within police department guidelines for using deadly force.  Click here to read Hansen’s full statement.

Reuter died after being hit approximately 14 times in a hail of bullets when the officers fired about 30 rounds, authorities said.

The youth was shot after a police dog pounced on him as he bolted from the bank heist, police said. Swinging wildly at the German shepherd, he suddenly pointed what appeared to be a 9 mm Beretta handgun, police said, at a group of approaching officers. Seconds later, Reuter, who had graduated near the top of his high school class two and a half years ago, died in a hail of bullets.

The weapon turned out to be a BB gun.

“The officers’ actions were justified and were based on their perceptions that their lives and the lives of fellow officers were in immediate danger of serious injury or death,” the police chief told reporters.

Benito said no criminal charges will be filed against any of the officers.

“Clearly, this shooting by each officer was justified,” Benito said. “The officers acted bravely, professionally and rationally.” Click here to read Benito’s full statement.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar RGlenn says:

    The severely depressed and mentally handicapped have a way in getting in the path of the Redding Police and winding up injured or dead.

    The police are to be applauded for carrying out Brandon Reuter's suicidal death. His mother stated that Brandon was very depressed.

    I do not want to second guess the police but 46 shots were fired. Two of the bullets hit a jeep in the DMV parking lot and another in the Fish & Game Department Building.

    Fortunately no humans were hit. Luckily no children were hit either. After all, Cypress Elementary School Yard is approximately the same distance, but west, as the DMV & Fish and Game Bldg where the hail of bullets exploded.

    Fourteen bullets entered the body of Brandon Reuter. His goal was simple; let the police help end my misery.

    • Avatar Cody says:

      His goal was simple? They should be applauded? Jesus Christ you must be the single most ignorant, back woods piece of trash I've ever seen. You pose your opinion that police are executioners for the sick. These officers would even disagree with you or so I'd hope. They acted out of perceived self defense, not voluntary euthanasia distributors. I assume your from redding which explains a fair amount. Police are not there to be our executioners nor our judges. Read a book dumbass.