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Writers and aspiring writers (and readers!) will be interested in a couple of events coming up in the next few weeks.

My pal Simon Wood, a terrific suspense writer and regular contributor to Writers’ Digest magazine, will be the speaker on Jan. 9 at Writers Forum. The FREE public event begins at 10:30 a.m. at the community room at the Redding Library.

Simon, author of novels such as “Accidents Waiting to Happen” and “Working Stiffs,” also has published scads of short stories. He’ll talk about creating suspense in stories of all lengths, and give other tips on how writers can improve their craft.

To learn more about Simon, click here. But I can tell you this much: He’s got a British accent that sounds a lot like that GEICO gecko. And that slays me.

On Jan. 23, The Quills of Faith Writers Group is staging a one-day seminar called “Resolutions for Writers.” The seminar includes workshops, an author panel, catered lunch and more. Oh, and I’ll be the guest speaker, he says, noodling his toe in the dirt. I’ll give lots of great tips for writers, many of which will be cribbed from Simon’s talk.

The all-day seminar costs $65. For more info, contact Maxine Cambra at 365-1848 or

  • Some Things Are Meant To Be: I see from the local paper that the supervisor of Redding’s recycling-and-sorting program is named Christina Piles. For the rules on what’s allowed in your blue recycling bin, click here.
  • DVD I Watched on the Dreadmill: “Cloverfield,” a Manhattan monster melodrama filmed entirely with jumpy handheld cameras. I kept getting dizzy and stumbling, and the Dreadmill would shoot me across the garage. Aside from that, though, I enjoyed this scary film.
  • Rules for Successful Living #1: When trouble occurs, don’t be there.

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