Not the (Author) I Appear to Be

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So I got up this morning and — like a lot of you — took my first cup of coffee over to ANewsCafe to see what was new. In the lead was Doug Mudford’s latest “Reflections In a Mirror (While Shaving),” one of my favorite features.

Doug was hilarious, as usual, and I appreciated the laughter boost first thing in the a.m., so I was the first one to comment. My own little joke. Haha. Good morning, everybody.

But when the comment appeared, my name was in giant letters and it looked like this: Steve Brewer (Author).

You’ve probably seen this before. That “(Author)” thing has magically appeared behind the names of other ANewsCafe staffers who’ve commented. The difference is that I am an author. So when it appears behind my name, it looks like I’m trumpeting my other job title, which would make me a jackass.

The last time this happened, I contacted our all-knowing technical wizard, Jim Gore. He told me it was a quirk of the software. If I’m logged into the site as a staffer (and I almost always am), and I make a comment, that “(Author)” thing will appear. If I don’t want it to appear, I should comment only when I’m not logged in, or I should log out first. Now what are the odds I’m going to remember that before I impulsively comment on something?

So, next time you see Steve Brewer (Author) in the comments, don’t think: “What a jackass!” Instead, think of it this way: “Hey, this guy’s an author. I should run right out and buy all his books.”

Thank you.

  • Nearly six years of work to beautify Hilltop Drive will be marked at 4 p.m. Friday with a dedication ceremony. The public is invited to the ribbon-cutting, which will be on the sidewalk in front of the Best Western Hilltop Inn. The $5.1 million project — jointly funded by Hilltop Drive businesses, Redding Electric Utility and the Redding Redevelopment Agency — included extensive landscaping improvements, burial of a jumble of power lines and installation of those ever-controversial median palm trees.
  • Icebergs aren’t just big white blobs. Some are striped with color, and they’re beautiful. To see a bunch of them, click here.
  • Soroptimist International of Redding is seeking nominations for its Ruby Award, which honors women who use their personal or professional influence to improve the lives of other women. Deadline is Jan. 10. For information on how to nominate a deserving woman, contact Shari Rowsey at 355-4091.

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