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14 Responses

  1. Avatar Viki Twyman says:

    Wow, this is a profound question! I think a lot of outside forces contribute to my happiness, but ultimately, it comes from within me. I am the only one who has control over how I feel and how I respond to everything in my life. My family and friends provide love, which in turn brings happiness. I feel happiness through my art. I get so lost in creating my art that I am enveloped in happiness. I think another thing that contributes to happiness in confidence in yourself. There have been many times in my life, and there continue to be times, that I could allow myself to be extremely unhappy, but I choose to be happy, even when circumstances don't warrant it.

    • Avatar Susan Daugherty says:

      Wow, Viki, I so loved and related to your answer, that I'm just going to tag team it.
      Ditto, I say!

  2. Avatar Laurie C. says:

    Faith gives me peace of mind. And knowing I did the right thing, no matter how it turned out, that makes me happy! Oh, and good books, good friends, good wine and good food!!

  3. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    Happiness is a choice. Each day when I wake up I look outside and realize I made it through another night and I'm happy. I love and enjoy life immensely and try to extract every once of happiness and joy from each second of it. I derive added happiness from people. Family and close friends bring added happiness to my life. Losing myself in my art studios brings a happiness I find nowhere else. It's a magical, translucent even spiritual happiness that permeates deeper and radiates longer than anything other I've ever felt.

  4. Avatar Celeste White says:

    I would say feeling connected to my inner self and not being too invested or attached to the things that my ego thinks it wants. Also, loving, awesome family, compassionate and loyal friends, and the privilege of living surrounded by nature and being able to pursue my art.

  5. Avatar Elle Bough says:

    I used to think you could go to where happy is, and I used to think other people could make me happy. But, for me, happiness is a conscious decision and it comes from within me.

  6. Avatar Anita says:

    Knowing that my kids are moving along in the journey through life with love and support, not only from their immediate family, but also from their extended family and friends. Living in a beautiful place and having the ability to enjoy the little things as well as some bigger ones from time to time, makes my life happy and complete.

  7. Avatar Janice Powell says:

    My secret spot !

  8. Avatar Jeanette says:

    My happiness comes from all kinds of places, from friends, family, new kittens and even something so simple as a beautiful autumn day! Living in a place like this where we get to see the beauty of the world around us really does bring me joy!

  9. Avatar Steve Brewer says:

    Making my wife laugh.

  10. Avatar Pat j. says:

    Love Viki Twyman's answer. I CHOSE to be happy, and don't understand people who sweat the little things and constantly gripe about unimportant things. Life is short…ENJOY EVERY DAY !! It truly helps if you are an optimist and appreciate the little things.

  11. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    Happiness can certainly be decided upon. Some days are a bit more challenging than others! Confidence that I am heading in the right direction brings me pleasure, the road has been long and bumpy, but the view has been pretty interesting. Learning new things makes me really happy.
    My family, friends and pets. The joy of nature, watching the geese fly over honking away at the end of my day gives me (of all things) goosebumps!
    A really flavorful meal has a special place in my heart too, especially if it was created with love.

  12. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Troy, I second the notion of Vicki,"wow, what a profound question."

    I love life and almost all that it brings. I love almost all of the players in this theatre of life such as my best friend, my wife, and all of my good friends and family.

    I love this time of the year when the weather get's colder and the leaves on trees

    turn red and gold and Christmas is near.

    For heaven's sake, live, love and enjoy all that you have been given.



  13. Avatar Claudia says:

    I have found that there is a big difference between happiness and joy. My joy comes from knowing Christ as my Savior. My happiness is circumstancial, but I am by nature a very happy person and it takes a lot of stress to take that away. It is a choice I make, but I do believe "happy" is easier for some people than others. This is a very simplistic answer to a very challenging question.