A Boy Honors Veterans Day


Today we honor, remember, and respect the brave men and women who served.
They gave us freedom, liberty, and protection.
At this moment, pilots, solders, sailors, and even people at a desk, protect us day and night.
My life, your life, your family's life, is in the hands of the people on the field.
From wooden boats, to high-tech stealth subs, from cannons to rail guns,
from muskets to high-tech machine guns, from
Cloth and wood trip-planes to today's stealth jets.
No matter the weapons, they don't matter.
It is the bravery in the hearts of these brave veterans.
Remember, when ya wake up tomorrow and play video games.
Remember. The brave people protecting you.


Rex Charroin of Redding, shown on the left with his brother, mother and father at the Lincoln Memorial, is a student at Excel Academy, which is where he wrote and presented the above speech for Veterans Day.

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39 Responses

  1. Sue Glasser says:

    An excellent speech, thanks for reminding us all what this day really means .

  2. Kelly says:

    Bravo. Nicely done.

  3. Grandma says:

    Rex thanks you for reminding us of the importance of this special day! Your words give us hope that the next generation will continue to make our country safe for all.

  4. Canda says:

    Great job, Rex. I enjoyed your speech.

  5. auntie dawnn says:


    I love you and thank you for reminding us all the importance of today!

    auntie dawnn

  6. Mae says:

    I am so impressed, Rex. Your family and friends are so proud of you!!!

  7. Sandra cox says:

    I have never heard it said any better! You managed to the heart of the matter.

  8. Barbara Gobell says:

    Excellent essay, Rex! What a wonderful way to honor those who protect us.

  9. Tina Menkal says:

    What an intelligent young man you are! I am blown away by this speech and you!

    Freedom is not a given, and your words reflected this perfect point.

  10. Karyn Harvey says:

    Very Nicely said Rex!! What a GREAT tribute to all military families!

  11. Will Smith says:


    This is one of the best speeches I have ever read. The USA is fortunate to have such a respectful and carrying citizen like yourself. I am certain that you are bound to do great things in life whether it be serving as a fighter pilot or writing speeches for the President. Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards,
    Will Smith

  12. Aunt Kelly says:

    That is a wonderful speech, Rex. Your family in Oklahoma is so proud of you!

  13. Mary Katschke says:

    Rex, My husband and I are both Navy Veterans and we wanted to thank you for both writing and delivering your address for Veteran's Day. I was pleased to read how inclusive you were in your tribute to all veterans in their many different jobs and roles. We both have seen death in the military and are glad you recognize that this is the ultimate sacrifice at dangerous times for United States Citizens.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Jean E. Riddle says:


    Your speech was so heart-felt, sincere and well-done. I commend you for the respect and honor you show those who have given so much for us. Keep up the good work!

  15. Sally Vizthum says:


    You said it very well! This is a wonderful tribute to our Veteran's old and young.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Hal Johnson says:

    Rex, that was just outstanding.

  17. Helen Van Den Berg says:

    G'Day Rex, I am your grandma's friend Helen from Melbourne in Australia. We also remember our veterans on Nov 11 and we call the day Rememberance Day. Your words are a wonderful tribute and bring out the true meaning of the sacrifices that were made by others so that we can live in peace. Well done and keep writing, you do it very well! Best wishes, Helen

  18. Roxanne Jackson says:

    Hi Rex. What a wonderful essay. Keep standing up for freedom and keep remembering that freedom is never free. BTW, I am a friend of your grandmother.

  19. Don G. Lambert says:

    Bravo for a fine speech about Veterans Day!

  20. Norbert Schnabel says:


    Wow! What a wonderful tribute to all who have served or are currently serving in our military. You did a super job. I am sure many feel the same as I do about your comments.

    I am an old friend of your grandmother, and I know she is just as proud of you as all of us who read your words.

    God Bless You!

    Norbert (Nobby) Schnabel

  21. Gwen Ceccardi says:

    Rex, you really hit the nail on the head about how we should ALL be grateful for the sacrifices our military has and is making daily. I know your Grandmother is proud of you, but your late great Grandfather and great Uncles (along with my late husband) fought valiantly in WW II. They would all be so proud that one so young feels honor for the deeds of all military personnel. Gives us all faith in the patriotism of the next generation!!

  22. BOB LAMBERT says:


  23. Cookie says:


    Fabulous speech in honor of all our soldiers. A reminder to all of

    what they stand for.

    Keep up the good work

  24. Kristen Pollock says:

    GREAT JOB! Very impressive and detailed.

  25. Budd Hodges says:

    Rex, It is truly sad that we have wars, but your tribute to our men and women in the armed forces was well thought out and well respects and honors servicemen and women.

  26. Renee McCarthy says:

    I am a friend of your grandma Gloria. I taught Kindergarten with her at Morrison Elementary. My son, Timothy is currently serving in the United States Air Force. He just returned from a six month deployment in Iraq and a month deployment in Jordan. He is a proud soldier and would not want to be doing anything else but serving his country! Your words of encouragement are amazing. You are correct that we need to honor and always remember what these men and women have done and continue to do for us, the people of the United States of America! It is easy to live day to day without any worries, but we do so because of their willingness to give of their lives. Thank you for sharing your heart and your most special words!! What a wonderful tribute to the men and women who serve our country.

    Renee McCarthy

  27. Uncle Charlie and Au says:


    Thank you for remembering our Veterans with such great praise. Uncle Charlie and I are very proud of you.

    Aunt Becky

  28. Aunt Linda says:

    You did a great job of reminding us how important our Veterans and Servicemen are for our safety and freedom. I wish everyone in America could read this…way to go Rex!

    We love you… Aunt Linda & Uncle Phil in Oklahoma!

  29. May says:

    Wow! I am very impressed that a young man like you understand the importance of our soldiers protecting us. An excellent poem.

  30. Barbara Pollock says:

    Rex: You brought tears to my eyes reading such beautiful words from such a young man. You have given me faith in our future generation. Your family should be so proud of you.


    Grandmother Gloria's friend (and your mom's)

  31. Annette Finck says:

    Well said! Thanks Rex!

  32. Stacy Smith says:

    Rex! You are an awesome speech writer! I am so happy I got to read it. Can't wait to read the next one!

  33. Virginia Cruz says:

    What a beautiful speech. You said what we all feel on this very important day. I am very proud of you! Good job, Rex.

  34. Rosalie Bray says:

    Dear Rex,
    I am a good friend of your grandma Gloria. what a wonderful speech! Yes, we need to remember all these good, brave men and women who make it possible for us to live in a free nation. Too often, we take that for granted.
    Congratulations on a fine job.
    Rosalie & Jim Bray

  35. Jennifer Carey says:

    Dear Rex,

    I promise to remember and I will pass your speech on to the veterans who are near and dear to me. I am sure they will be honored by your words.

    Thank you!

    Jenny B

  36. Dixie Bradshaw says:


    I am impressed! I think this is good enough to use in your kick-off

    when you run for president of our great country. ( I also, have a

    9 year old granddaughter who loves to write and would be a great

    candidate for your running mate)

    Keep up the good work!

    Dixie & Bob Bradshaw

  37. Grammy J says:

    Dear Rex,

    Your Grandmother Gloria and I have been friends for a long time. I came to see you a few years ago when you all came to San Francisco with your Mom and Dad. We all ate together at the restaurant in Fishermen's Wharf.

    I have one son John who served in the Iraq war. He is now a veteran of that war. My son Lt. Cmdr Joe and my daughter Dr. Sara M. Pope, Lt. USN continue to serve our country. I am a very proud mother.

    I am so proud of you Rex and it made me feel so good to hear a young man be so proud to be an American.

    Love – Grammy J (Joyce)

  38. Missie jackson says:

    What a great speech! It's so nice to see that there are some young people today that understand what patriotism is. You are 100% right…freedom, and the lives of those who fight for it, is not something to be taken lightly. Freedom is not free! I'm proud of you!

  39. Sandy says:

    I'm so impressed with your writing and your expression of the meaning of Veterans Day. It must have been awesome to hear you read this at school! Your words certainly have touched many people who have loved ones protecting our country now as well as those who have already served so bravely. Hoping to read more of your fine work.
    A friend of Grandma Gloria,

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