Opinion: Swine Flu, H1N1 – The Best Defense?


“Pandemic – Warnings – Fear – Children – Elderly – Swine Flu – Death.”


How do we respond responsibly to words like this?  The news of the H1N1 swine flu virus is everywhere we turn.  The USA Today, dated August 25, 2009, stated “that up to half the U.S. population could be infected by swine flu.”

Could This Be True?

    Is vaccination the only way to provide protection from this global flu pandemic?
    Is the flu really that contagious or are our bodies not strong enough to fight something that has been there all along?
    Have you ever wondered where the flu virus goes each year between epidemics?

The Flu Season (October to March).

During this season our bodies’ ability to fight viruses effectively is dependent upon the level of vitamin D3 in our bloodstream.  As mentioned in the article Sun & Vitamin D: A Slightly Different Angle, dated August 17, 2009 on www.anewscafe.com, the sun becomes progressively lower in the sky each day we approach winter solstice, December 21, 2009, and the effectiveness of the solar UVB radiation lessens making the synthesis of vitamin D3 in our bodies virtually non-existent for people living in the northern latitudes (i.e. Redding is latitude 40.6°).  It has been found that no vitamin D3 is made in the skin in London at latitude 52° from October to March because the atmospheric ozone easily filters out UVB radiation.

How the Body Works.

Adaptive or innate immunity is acquired from the process your body goes through when it fights the flu virus.  Let’s talk about how the body fights viruses.  Research is now proving that a deficiency in vitamin D3 impairs the ability of the white blood cells or WBC’s to kill and destroy viruses using chemical warfare (i.e. antimicrobial peptides or AMP).  These WBC’s work tirelessly fighting invaders (i.e. viruses) all year long.  This AMP acts like a broad-spectrum anti-viral, inactivating the flu virus.

A new study from Dr. Adit Ginde that involved about 19,000 Americans found that people with the lowest blood vitamin D3 levels reported having significantly more colds or cases of the flu.  Dr. Mercola states “Vitamin D3 deficiency is likely the TRUE culprit behind the seasonality of the flu – not the flu virus itself.”  It is estimated in the U.S. that the late winter average vitamin D3 level is only about 15-18 ng/ml, which is considered severely deficient.

Dr. Holick states that “deficient vitamin D3 levels are less than 50 ng/ml and therapeutic levels are between 65-90 ng/ml.”  Vitamin D3 deficiency may in fact be the greater pandemic.  The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has confirmed that it will be investigating the role of vitamin D3 in protection against swine flu. Vitamin D is what helps us naturally fight off viruses.



According to Dr. Heaney, for adults to maintain their current level of vitamin D3 an appropriate dose would be 4000 units per day. Dosages up to 50,000 units per day for 6 weeks have been studied with no toxic effects. When fighting or increasing your vitamin D3 levels it is important to get checked before vitamin D3 supplementation.


Infants, children, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses should get your vitamin D3 blood levels evaluated.  A blood spot test from www.grassrootshealth.org can be ordered for only $40 or ask your MD to order it prior to supplementation.


There are many ways to keep your immune system working optimally.  Here are a few suggestions: vitamin D3 supplementation, avoid sugar and processed foods, get enough rest (i.e. 7-8 hours), manage your stress effectively, exercise, take animal based omega-3 fatty acids, wash hands with a chemical free soap, and get chiropractic adjustments.  Natural broad-spectrum antibiotics (i.e. colloidal silver, oil of oregano, and garlic) may be used against viruses if needed.  Dr. Mercola states that “virtually all vaccinations will lower your immune system not make it stronger.”

There are always going to be new strains of viruses.  Are you going to wait for our government to predict the correct strain for the upcoming flu season or are you going to take responsibility for your health and get the vitamin D3 level in your blood tested and supplement appropriately? Get it checked today!

Ed Roberts, DC:  Dr. Ed spent 12 years as a mechanical engineer on the Space Shuttle prior to his chiropractic career in Redding.  He has a thriving practice which utilizes many of the tools he used as a NASA Engineer to find the cause his patients spinal problems.  Check out his website at www.wholefamilychiro.com.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar gamerjohn says:

    I am okay with the basic theory that aligning the spinal column relieves stress on the nerves and helps the body, but when they start talking about colloidal silver and other voodoo, it wipes away any trust that they know anything.

    • Avatar Ed Roberts says:

      Sorry to hear that. Trust is an important thing.

      What has your experience been with chiropractic or alternative therapies?

      It was actually a medical doctor Dr. Mercola that I am referencing for those natural broad-spectrum antibiotics. Hope to restore your trust in chiropractic in the future.

      One more thing – Type "Whole Family Chiropractic" on Google and click on the "13 Reviews" to see what patients are saying about our business.

      Blessing and Increase

      Dr. Ed

    • Avatar Amy says:

      I've gotten rid of colds etc.. .in 2 days taking colloidal silver.. don't doubt it gamerjohn… at least try it first! 🙂 Colloidal silver, by the way is used in regular medical hospitals in the burn wards for keeping burned damaged skin bacteria free. There is no voodoo involved. It has powerful antibiotic properties!

  2. Avatar Richard L. Crumb says:

    There is panic in the streets, unnecessary because this flu has shown itself to be no more virulent than the regular old flu. Yes, there have been deaths but no more than what occurs due to flu each year. Before rushing out to get vaccinated make sure that you are not in the risk group. If not probably your chances are no greater to be sick than any other year. The panic sells and gets people worked up. take time for yourself and do some research. You just might be surprised. Be fair and balanced in your analysis. Also, Eat good, keep warm, drink juices and water, be cautious when around anyone who is symptomatic for the flu. In other words use common sense. That usually works best. Besides, no federal government is going to force any medicine on me. Yes the schools require vaccinations for children as mandated by the state and those vaccinations have proven well worth it because the reduction in whooping cough, measles, and small pox. and polio has benefited everyone. Those diseases are much more detrimental to a person than the flu, unless you are at risk because of your health. Be healthy, enjoy life, quit worrying, the flu will come and it will go, I hate it when it lands at my house. Oh well! good sleep, good hydration, good chicken noodle soup and a good tv program. within 7 days and back to work.

  3. Avatar jg says:

    Their are several recommendations for fighting the flu. The biggest are handwashing and use of anti-microbial washes. Eating a balanced diet, regular rest, and regular exercise are always missing from a "prudent" diet/lifestyle. I do not see where a chiropractic adjustment will prevent the flu. There is NO scientific basis for this assertion…period!!

    • Avatar MR says:

      When your alignment is out it can cause pain, irritability, sleeplessness, distraction, on and on. These are negative stresses, and negative stresses lower your immune system. It may have No scientific basis, but common sense says it can help some people.
      When my back was badly curved, now just slightly, I was in a lot of pain. That kept me up at night, made me irritable, was a huge distraction, and made it hard to do everyday things. A good chiropractor helped relieve the pinched nerves and a good exercise program including strength training has empowered me and alleviated 95% of my pain. I now rarely go to the chiropractor and am still exercising, it's been 20 years since I actually tore muscles in my back do to the curvature.
      Also, I take all of the recommended supplements mentioned above and have not been "down" sick in years. I do get a little sick once in a while, but it is mild and goes away in a day or two. Oh, side note, my skin looks better now that I am taking the animal based Omega 3 (Cod liver oil), and my eyes feel better? Who knew.
      Today is the day to start doing what you need to to have a healthy happy rest of your life.

  4. Avatar Ed Roberts says:

    Does chiropractic strengthen immunity?

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  5. At least a hundred persons in our city have been infected with the H1N1 virus. I was very scared to get infected with this disease during the pandemic~*~