A Note to Our News Media Friends

Please, oh, please, stop using the term “vegetation fire.”

We understand that you don’t want to say “forest fire” because it’s mostly crispy grass and manzanita and stuff that’s burning in open country. “Wildfire” sounds too scary, as if the fire still rages out of control, which makes it an inflammatory term, if you will pardon the pun. So you turned to “vegetation fire.”

But there’s already a term for such a fire. “Brushfire” is perfectly suited to the job. Please just call them “brushfires” and stop messing with our brains. “Vegetation fire” sounds like something terrible occurred at a salad bar.

Thank you.

  • Belly dancers will perform Sunday night at Old City Hall in downtown Redding. The Terpsichore Tour is a collaboration between Redding’s Modern Gypsy troupe and Aiwa She Raqa from southern Oregon. Admission to the 7 p.m. event is $10.
  • Mark Your Calendars for Wednesday, Oct. 7, when the Fall Senior Expo runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. inside Macy’s in Redding. More than 40 businesses and nonprofit groups are expected to have booths at the event, offering products and information of interest to senior citizens. Food, prize drawings and more.
  • DVDs We’ve Seen: “Sunshine Cleaning,” an amusing film about two struggling sisters, played by Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, who decide to make ends meet by starting a crime-scene cleanup company. Alan Arkin plays their mumbling father.

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Steve Brewer

is the author of CUTTHROAT and 17 other books. Read more of his columns at http://stevebrewer.blogspot.com/, or follow him on Facebook.

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