Great Night for Shasta’s United Way


Celebrity waiters before the event.
(Photos by Paul Heath)

“What a fun time” was mentioned by many, as the United Way of Northern California held its annual Fund Raising “Celebrity Waiters Dinner and Auction” at the Riverview Country Club. With a long list of celebrities from the Redding business, professional, and service community, including our own Doni and Kelly, over 300 guests enjoyed an evening of laughs, challenges and good auction opportunities with prizes and gifts ranging from a weekend of golf to a vacation resort holiday on the coast. One of the highlights was a 9-minute run by newsman Mike Mangas, who ran around the first hole and back in the dark in just over 9 minutes, and of course the great “rap dance” by our conservative Weather Man…guess who? With Chita Johnson helping “DJs” Billy and Patrick, this was a great Redding event. Hats off to the organizers, and to all the organizations that work on a daily basis to assist the needy in Northern California. A great time for all.

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar Chris2365 says:

    Well I have to know – did Kelly or Doni come up with a trick to entertain the crowd?

  2. Avatar Kelly Brewer says:

    Luckily, we didn't have to, Chris. Perhaps juggling pitchers of beverages and trays of food while wearing evening attire and four-inch heels was enough of a trick. The place was packed – lots of fun and good humor.

  3. Avatar Loves to Eat says:

    Would it be possible to name the folks in the above photo? I'd love to know who is who!

  4. Avatar Art & Carmen Sho says:

    I heard this event was coming up and I was so surprised to see all you "wonderful Celebrity waiters," and who you were, some of you I know. Very proud of you for giving of yourselves to this wonderful cause.

  5. Avatar Janice Powell says:

    Maybe this can be a "who know's who's who" contest. I can name 13 of the 19 great community supporters in the picture —- anybody else wanna try?

  6. Avatar Kelly Brewer says:

    I'd be glad to name all the waiters, but I don't want to ruin any guessing games… I'll wait a few hours and then do it…

    • Avatar Loves to Eat says:

      Okay…about how many hours are we talking about for this wait? I still don't know who's who :).
      Thanks in advance Kelly.

  7. Avatar Terry says:

    and Just a quick line to say first what great good work for United Way. You are amazing women and we are lucky to have you in this community.

    Second, I think it's nice for someone to tell you (when you have made that special effort and it turned out so well): You Look Fantastic!

  8. Avatar Jeff Avery says:

    Kelly and Doni looked fantastic. I was honored to be there with them for such a great cause. My partner, Julie Correia, and I missed the group photo, but everyone looked great!

  9. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Doni and Kelly…You looked mav-e-lus at this United Way event. And such a good cause for so many good organizations.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. Doni Greenberg Doni Greenberg says:

    Dear Loves to Eat …

    OK, here's my best crack at the group shot identifications, left to right, starting in the back row: Doug LaMalfa, Missy McArthur, Mike Mangas, Mike Kruger, Les Melburg, Doni Greenberg, Kelly Brewer, Jim Dahl.

    Next row, left to right: Glenn Hawes, Linda Comfort, Marie Orozco, Barry Tippin, Kurt Starman, Carl Bott, Joe Gibson, Butch Schaefer, Larry Lees.

    Front row, in red, left to right: Les Baugh and Linda Bott.

    Someone else can tackle the titles.

    No, Kelly and I didn't do tricks, as Kelly explained, above. Mike Mangas running the fairway in the dark with a lightstick was pretty impressive, and Mike Krueger and Carl Bott's robot dance was spectacular … and Linda Bott looked incredible, as usual … in fact, if you look at the photo above, you'll see why I called it the Linda Bott Show .. and why it looked as if the rest of us were her back-up singers.

    Sadly, we were missing a few people in the group photo: Jeff Avery and Julie Correia, and Dave Tappen and Dick Dickerson and Jim Pope, and who else did I miss? I'm drawing a blank …

    OK, that's it. Time for bed. Nighty night, everyone.

    • Avatar Loves to Eat says:

      Thank you very much for updating us on "Who's Who" helping out at United Way's big event. When we know the 'face' that goes with the 'name' maybe we can show our appreciation for these fine folks. Being a volunteer can be a thankless job (not that we do these acts to be recognized) but we all want this group to know they are appreciated! Thanks again for sharing the names.

  11. Avatar Knife Sets says:

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