The Big Screen

Finally got a look at that inflatable movie screen that Enjoy Magazine is using to show free outdoor movies this summer. Wow. It’s big. Really big.

We stopped by the post-ArtHop showing of “Casablanca” in the downtown Market Square Green, and Enjoy’s James Mazzotta told us about the 20 foot-by-30-foot screen. When it’s deflated, it tamps down into a vinyl package that would easily fit into the back of van (though it does weigh over 300 pounds) and the projection equipment fits into a single case. The visual and audio quality for the movie were both terrific.

Enjoy has more movies coming, including “The Princess Bride” on Friday. Click here for the full schedule.

  • Speaking of free movies, mark your calendars for Aug. 19, when the Friends of the Shasta County Libraries show the classic “Dial M for Murder” at the Redding Library’s community room. The Hitchcock thriller starts at 5:30 p.m.
  • Sad news from Red Bluff. Artist and gallery owner Montana Morrison has died. Artist/musician John Stewart delivers the news in his blog, complete with video. Click here.
  • The next bimonthly luncheon of the California Retired Teachers Association for Modoc, Shasta and Trinity counties is at 11:15 a.m. this Thursday at the Senior Nutrition Center at 100 Mercy Oaks Dr. in Redding. Presentations will center on legislation, insurance and health care. Lunch is $3 and the menu is Hawaiian.
  • DVD I Watched on the Dreadmill: An Oscar-winning Czech film recommended by our pal Pavel Navratil, “Kolya” is the story of a womanizing Czech cellist who ends up temporarily caring for a 5-year-old Russian boy. Sweet movie, though I thought the ending was a little abrupt. Cute kid.
  • Today’s Thought: Anytime someone says “Not to beat a dead horse, but…,” you should remind yourself that the horse has already expired and won’t feel a thing.

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Steve Brewer

is the author of CUTTHROAT and 17 other books. Read more of his columns at http://stevebrewer.blogspot.com/, or follow him on Facebook.

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