Fall This Way

Steven Tyler, the wide-mouth lead singer for Aerosmith, was injured when he fell off a concert stage last night at the Sturgis, SD, motorcycle rally.

Aerosmith was halfway through its concert, before a record Sturgis crowd, when the sound system cut out during the song “Love in an Elevator.” Tyler kept dancing around while the sound was being fixed, playing to the crowd, but stepped backward off a catwalk and fell onto some fans.

Tyler hurt his neck and shoulder in the fall, and was taken by helicopter to a hospital. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry told the audience that the show couldn’t go on without him.

The Rapid City Journal has the full story (and lots of stuff about Sturgis) on its website. Click here.

  • Here in Shasta County, firefighters are making progress against those forest fires near Burney and Hat Creek, and State Highway 44 reopened after being closed by smoke. Big plumes of smoke were visible from here in Redding on Wednesday and it made for a colorful sunrise Thursday morning. The county Public Health office cautions residents in smoky areas to stay indoors and use air-conditioners. For more tips and information, click here.
  • Speaking of health, a local physician told me the other day that the number one reason people visit doctor’s offices is back pain. Not colds, not flu, not earaches. Back pain. Oooch.
  • Tonight promises to be the best MarketFest of the year, thanks to cloudy weather that’ll keep temperatures down to around 80. Joe Craven supplies the music and you can read all about him here in Jim Dyar’s wrap-up of a busy weekend on the musical scene.
  • Here’s another music venue: The patio at C.R. Gibbs American Grille on Hilltop Drive. The Indigo Brew jazz quartet plays there Friday and Saturday nights, 7-10 p.m. No cover.
  • Headline of the Day: From a local real estate ad: THIS HOME SCREAMS CHARM.

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