A Cartoonist’s Life For Me! A Walk in the Park(ing)

Being a freelance cartoonist is certainly the quickest route to fame and fortune available to an average suburban underachiever like myself. If done properly, you can feed a family of 0.5 for thirty minutes on a cartoonist’s yearly salary. Fortunately, my family are all half-wits able to survive on the 0.5 RDA of just about everything, so we do just fine, thank you.

Occasionally, you beat the bushes and come up with a gig for a “niche publication.” A “niche publication” means that they don’t have to be too picky about the cartoons that appear in it, because the people who read it are all in the same niche. Sort of the captive audience thing.Still, a gig is a gig, right?

Well, last year, your ol’ pal Philbert pawned off a series of 10 cartoons to some nice folks who publish a monthly, nationally distributed, glossy magazine geared toward the… parking industry.

Have you ever had to come up with ten gags about parking? Well, neither could I, but they printed them anyway. Like I said, niche publication, captive audience, etc. etc.

Now, the coolest thing for a freelancer is when you can sucker retain a client. It doesn’t happen to me very often but, you guessed it, they need ten more cartoons on parking… and where do you go if you want a bunch of cartoons on a “niche” subject matter? Why, you come to me, of course! In fact, if there were such a thing as a “super man cartoonist”, I would change my name to Frederick Niche. Shoot, I might do that anyway, possibly fool some collection agencies.

Truth be told, the challenge of writing cartoons on a specialized subject matter is a lot of fun. The people at Parking magazine are great, and hopefully, some readers who work in the industry got a chuckle or two. To get an idea of what kind of humor appeals to the parking crowd, here’s one I foisted on the unsuspecting editors last year…


See? Same kind of drivel I slop out around here! Ain’t cartooning grand?

Need a cartoon about spatulas? Pencil lead? Clown shoes? Non-stick turbines for hamsters? Just email me here at philf.anewscafe@gmail.com

Cartoon courtesy NPA, Parking Magazine

Phil Fountain

Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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