Corner Booth: Fish Wrap

We hear someone tried to steal the American flag from outside the local newspaper office the other day, but it could’ve been much worse. In Australia, employees of a newspaper found a live shark left outside the office door.

Employees of the Warrnambool Standard say they have no idea why someone might’ve left the two-foot-long Port Jackson shark on the doorstep. Police in the seaside town got a call from a passer-by who spotted the shark, and were able to get the fish back into the ocean before it expired.

A newspaper employee said the only guess is that it was a “silly prank.” To read the full story, click here.

We could make jokes about the newspaper industry “jumping the shark,” but that would be wrong.

  • Speaking of hopeless situations, the Detroit Lions have signed University of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, who’ll be first to go in today’s National Football League draft. On Friday night, the Lions, who went 0-16 last season, signed a six-year deal that could pay Stafford up to $78 million. Following the Lions in early draft picks are the St. Louis Rams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks.
  • DVD We Watched: “Tell No One,” a French film based on the thriller by American writer (and longtime acquaintance) Harlan Coben. A pediatrician is still trying to get over his wife’s murder by a serial killer eight years earlier when police turn up more bodies. As police begin to suspect the doctor, he gets indications that his wife might still be alive. Terrific flick.

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Steve Brewer

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