Slam Buckra & his Groove Palookas perform at Pio Loco’s: Feb 6


What: Slam Buckra & his Groove Palookas perform at Pio Loco’s

When: Fri., Feb. 6, at 9 p.m.

Where: Pio Loco’s, 1135 Pine Street, Redding, California

Admission: Free

The show will feature 2 musicians that have been performing with Slam for over 10 years, Kenzio “Snatchmo” Macklehoy on trumpet and Patrick “Twanklestix” Wiseman on drums.

“We’ll be covering alot of musical territory, warming the evening up to a funky rump rattlin’ sizzle” comments Slam.

For additional info: 530-376-0105

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