Goodbye Ongoing Shasta County Custody Mug Shots

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office recently upgraded a portion of its jail software system to support and improve internal operations.

As a result of this upgrade, the capability to post photographs to the Jail’s In Custody web page is no longer available. Only bookings made prior to November 27, 2012 will have photos posted to the web site. All other information that has previously been available on the site will continue to be posted.

While we understand that many people found the photographs useful, the funds to upgrade that portion of the system are not available. Our highest priority is to ensure that we have the best possible resources to ensure public safety.

-from press release
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32 Responses

  1. Avatar KarenC says:

    I wonder what the rest of the story is? Posting of the photos must have caused some concerns and or problems for them? Too bad, it was a useful tool, and in some instances was helpful for law enforcement.

  2. Avatar citizen says:

    it was helpful to citizens to see all the drug addicted losers that get arrested daily and to notice when we see them prowling our neighborhoods.. its all public info and can be gotten elsewhere… as for . I feel that they are worthless. charging people $100 to remove their mugshot(which i would assume is public information) is a scam

  3. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    I really dislike Shasta Mugshots, although I am drawn to look for the faces of people I know. I've seen community members, business people, ex-students and student's parent's faces displayed for all to see. I've seen my friend's grown children's faces on Mugshots. I've hoped that, after that second glass of wine at a wedding that my portrait didn't end up on this page.

    (Repeat offenders who know that their face will be on display plan their portrait.)

    I feel no sense of schadenfreude, but many people do when visiting this site.

    This site provides no benefit to anyone. That a person's face shows up on this site does not indicate guilt or innocence for any crime. This same information can be available to law enforcement without being broadcast to the community.

    • Avatar Hal Johnson says:

      I agree. Innocent people are sometimes arrested, yet long after their legal hurdles are resolved they remain guilty in the public eye due to posting of mug shots.

  4. Avatar Al Kohaul says:

    How am I going to know if I'm in trouble or not?

  5. Avatar Itoldyouso says:

    It was the modern day public stockade.

    ;;;;Sidecar;;;; There is more to this story. The good citizens of Shasta County should

    demand of the Sheriff to return back to the public, this valuable public safety tool.

    You just lost my vote Sheriff.

  6. The Crime Watch group – a coalition of business owners who are frustrated with rising crime rates in Redding – has found the online mugshots VERY useful for identifying suspects who trash hotel rooms, steal merchandise, and break into cars and businesses. Now is NOT the time to cut off the access to crucial public safety information.

  7. Avatar RMV says:

    just 3 letters tom.


  8. Avatar Kandis says:

    I think that this might be a good thing. While I have enjoyed searching for familiar faces as much as the next person, I have often wondered how the site could legally post these pictures in the first place. People who are arrested are not necessary guilty, and whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Having a picture on this website is a punishment of its own. Yes, most of these people are "scum bags," but not all. I hate the idea of an innocent person being posted on that website and then having to pay to have their picture taken down. And if that person were to apply for a job, perhaps the potential employer would check Shastamugshots and see the picture, and then not hire based on what the person was accused of. The whole idea of making the pictures public seems to violate the basic rights of our community.

    • Avatar susan says:

      In the course of my employment I work with people to help them get jobs. Many have criminal backgrounds and I encourage them to try to come up with the $100 to have Shasta Mugshots remove their picture as employers do use it as an employment screening tool.

      I have had several people who had their pictures posted for arrests in which the charges were later dropped or they were found innocent. In that case all you have to do is e-mail Shasta Mugshots the info and they will remove your picture (usually within 24 hours) at no cost.

  9. Avatar name says:

    It clearly states on the mugshot site that people are not guilty. But I would bet that a very high % of them ARE or WERE guilty – for this reason it is a valuable tool that helps the community learn who to avoid or watch out for. At least a third of the individuals on there have a number next to their name showing how many times they have been arrested. There are many that have at least 5 offenses, and many that have 10-20! It is good information to know who is out there repeatedly breaking the law, beings that they do not stay in jail.

    bring back the pics. If you do not like it then DON'T GET CAUGHT. Or, don't view the site – nobody is forcing you to click on it…

  10. I have personally found the website extremely helpful in correctly identifying the repeat offenders who were starting to move in on my neighborhood last summer, and it helped me take the action that I needed to take in order to move them on out of my neighborhood. Without their photos, I never would've been able to positively identify them and their rash of arrests for theft and drug crimes. The conspiracy theorist in me says this is an obvious ploy to get more money budgeted for the Sheriff's office in the next round of budget talks. It'll probably work, if there's enough public outcry. And that is, of course, exactly what the Sheriff's office would like, because they know this is a useful tool for the general public to identify those prowling around our neighborhoods.

  11. Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

    The mugshots service was very helpful for me in my work as a parenting educator and working with at-risk youth; it IS a valuable public safety tool for other social workers and teachers I know as well.

    As for exposing community members, business people and the like, I think it is also a deterrent to those whom should be held up to that elusive 'higher bar' in their related professional capacities and pay scales.

    Yes, judges, lawyers, mediators, politicians, law enforcement, counselors, doctors… it can be that any of those kinds of professionals whom are sworn and highly paid to protect and serve us could believe they are above the law. Especially under the influence of chemicals… or greed, they can bring us great harm.

    One recent example occurred, just a few days before the Mugshot site was curiously yanked.

    One local Family Law attorney was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and for Obstructing Law Enforcement attempting to keep our streets safe from a potentially grave outcome. Add to that, the attorney himself is one who is often assigned to the PRIVATE care of our children as a Guardian Ad Litem, and who frequently makes life altering decisions in Family Law matters by his recommendations… however altered.

    How many local citizens had their lives and children entrusted to that man? How many times was that man intoxicated while practicing FAMILY law? I know personally to have smelled alcohol on that individual while serving in court.

    Scroll down to see the mugshot and charges from this braver little, local citizen blog for the 411:

    Would you want to know that kind of information before you were called into the blind nightmare of a local Family Law matter, or before your child goes under a knife??

    That sick individual is in notorious company I'm afraid, and I only wish I would have known sooner before that menace colluded to harm my family!

    Dear Mr. Bosenko: Please bring the Mugshots site back…


  12. Avatar itoldyouso says:

    From the State Attorney General; opinion

    "A sheriff has discretion to furnish copies of photographs of arrested persons,

    commonly known as “mug shots,” in response to a request from a member of the general

    public, including the news media; however, once a copy is furnished to one member of the

    general public, a copy must be made available to all who make a request."

    No. 03-205

    July 14, 2003

    It's all up to the County Sheriff people ! See y'all at the next Shasta County Board Of Sup. meeting.

  13. Avatar Lisa says:

    taking down the pictures is not a privacy issue – if you are arrested – you are in trouble and we as public persons should know about it. i have seen people on there that are neighbors/coaches and public officials. why is the money gone for this and why is the police department asking the public to pay for this service? some of you may disagree with me and thats fine – if i was arrested for any reason – my picture should be posted. i have never been arrested and would not put myself in that position.

    being a single mom that has been through domestic violence – i want my offender posted to warn others. he had his picture taken off at that time – cause he works for a big company in our area. so you can have it removed to protect your job/and privacy. but after what has been going on at schools in our nation – malls and churches – we should know about these people. please respond to me in a nice way and let me know if you think i am wrong. if you are going to be mean – please dont post that way.

  14. Avatar Cecil Gabriel says:

    This was probably done because of guys like the fellow that said he was a human "bean" and didn't like his picture on mugshots and was complaining because his picture had been on the mugshots 8 times already this year.

  15. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    I stand correctected. It sounds like community members routinely use this information to identify crime suspects for arrest and prosecution in efforts to keep Redding safe.

  16. Avatar Rob McDonald says:

    Seeing what the crooks look like is crucial to public safety in my opinion, for now and in the future.

  17. Avatar Concerned says:

    It is my belief that as long as the mug shots were posted there was a heightened reality to the failure of the Realignment Program. It's much easier for the public to identify the photo of a re-offender than it is to remember a name without a photo. Without the photos we are no longer able to see the groups of three to six prisoners who are being sent here to Shasta County to be part of our Probation Dept's Realignment Program. They were easy to identify as they were dressed in their prison clothing and about to give their word not to re-offend. They are then released, with their EBT card and unknown other benefits and many are robbing our homes and creating feelings of fear in much of our community. I believe the powers to be, the decision makers, do not want the community to see these facts as clearly as we were seeing them when the mugshots were visible. They say they are down for financial reasons. I don't buy it!

    • I agree that the "lack of funds" to keep the mugshots online doesn't ring true. Other counties manage to do it and I assume the Shasta County Sheriff's Office is still taking and storing digital photos – unless they've traded their cameras for colored pencils and a sketchbook. 🙂 The community deserves access to this crucial public safety information.

      I'm hoping a sharp investigative journalist will get to the bottom of it. Paging Doni Chamberlain!

  18. Avatar name says:

    Is there any way of determining how much Sheriff paid for the photo operation? Maybe a fundraiser could be arranged?

    (I would bet that there are other reasons than the lame $ excuse they gave)

  19. Avatar night owl says:

    mugshots helped us identify the loser breaking into cars on our street. we need it back fundraiser is a good idea. its amazing seeing numbers of drug addicts in this small town. we got a $50 night owl camera and watch people prowling around all night long. now we have two more neighbors with cams and we call each other at the first sign of suspicious creepy losers hanging around. Bagged 3 car burglars and an arsonist trying to burn up our neighborhood so far.