‘Get Outta Town’ On the Fly

I don’t know what attracts me most to trailers. No, I don’t mean the sort that hog Redding’s prime riverfront property. I mean the small, cute, stylish travel variety that simultaneously fulfill my craving for a dose of retro style,… Continue Reading


And You Thought Your Hair Was An Oily Mess

It doesn’t take many pictures of oil-soaked pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico to break my heart. And there’s a feeling that the worst is yet to come for the birds, marine life and people whose livelihoods depend on a… Continue Reading


Learning To Walk … To School

I didn’t have to go uphill three miles and through the snow in both directions, but every weekday was “walk to school day” when I was a kid, So I sort of shake my head when I hear about the “training”… Continue Reading