Redding: Your Frog is Cooked

If I had a dollar for every word A News Cafe.com has published about the homeless, transients, street people, and homeless encampment clean-ups, I’d be an extremely wealthy, retired woman living in my Waikiki beach house, sipping sidecars and writing… Continue Reading


Letter to the Editor: ‘What happened to Redding?’

One Saturday last month my wife and I took my 2-year-old son down to the Grasshoppers baseball, a toddler baseball program that runs for a month.  It was located down by the city hall and library.  It was a beautiful… Continue Reading


A distressing view from a downtown window: Drugs, booze, fights and filth

I saw my first illegal drug sale last week. In broad daylight. It took place on a downtown Redding bench outside the Yuba Street side of the historic Lorenz building. Continue Reading


‘Good, Works’ or ‘Good Works’ – A Good Dream Either Way

Frank Treadway’s recent letter to the editor stirred up a fire-storm of conversation about Redding City Council member Missy McArthur’s idea to ticket transients for sitting or standing in public space. Continue Reading