Shasta Avoid the Five Conducts Court Surveillance

As a result of a DUI arrest and conviction, most DUI offenders will have their privilege to drive in California suspended anywhere from 4 months to 3 years, or in cases of multiple DUI convictions even longer. In some cases,… Continue Reading


If It’s Friday, This Must Be The Equinox

When I first sat down to write about the Fall equinox a few weeks ago, it was 85 degrees in Redding, and I was actually considering the idea of wearing a long sleeved shirt to work. Now, as the deadline… Continue Reading


The B-52s in Redding: They’ll Party Like Rock Lobsters – & Tidy Up, Too

“We’ve never been a typical rock band. That’s pretty obvious.” So says Keith Strickland, a founding member of the B-52s, and he’s right. Few typical bands have been able to stay together for 35 years. For further proof, consider how… Continue Reading