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Today I talk with Joseph Domke of Ostrava, Czech Republic, where he’s lived for nine years with his delightful wife Marie and my three Ragdoll grandcats, Neffie, Apollo and the new cat, whose name I always forget. Joe’s my son… Continue Reading


Tomorrowland arrived today

Youngest son Joseph left home nearly two years ago to be with the love of his life, Marie. She happens to live in the Czech Republic.

We haven’t seen Joe nor Marie since they married in June in Ostrava.

Since then we’ve communicated almost daily via e-mails (he is our Web master, and Food for Thought’s founder), letters, packages and instant Gmail messaging and phone calls, which cost nearly nothing since my smarty-pants son arranged a 530 area-code number for his direct line in Ostrava.

Even so, none of those replace the joy of seeing my son and daughter-in-law in person.
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