Reporter’s Notebook: Board of Supervisors, July 16 – Return of the Drones

Returning after a two-week break, the Board Meeting on this day included an especially interesting Public Comment period.  Anyone can request to speak during this segment of a Board meeting agenda.  Speakers are held to three minutes, and are asked… Continue Reading

Reporter’s Notebook: Board of Supervisors, June 25

It was a busy morning at the Board of Supervisors this week.  The Board heard a presentation from Jim Branham, Executive Officer of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.  This state agency serves all or part of 22 counties (including counties more… Continue Reading

June 18 Board of Supervisors: More Corrections Conversations

The Board returned to the issues of carrots and sticks for probationers today, with a report by the County Probation Department and the Sheriff’s Office on AB 109/Corrections Realignment.  Corrections Realignment involves the transfer of responsibility for some offenders from… Continue Reading


Recent Board of Supes: Thumbs Up for Whiskeytown Park; Carrots & Sticks for Probationers

It’s a pleasure to be back at the Board of Supervisors after some travelling. Lucky for me, it was a quiet day at the Board on Tuesday. Jim Milestone, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Park Superintendent, reported on Park activities. The summer schedule… Continue Reading