Redding Police Chief Peter Hansen to Retire Nov. 12

Redding Police Chief Peter T. Hansen has announced his retirement, effective November 12, 2011. Hansen, 54, is a 28-year veteran of the Redding Police Department. He began as a patrol officer and rose through the ranks to become chief of… Continue Reading


Anderson Leaves Quite a Legacy With Community Foundation

Giving. It’s a concept that often seems so foreign amid a culture focused (obsessed?) on gaining and protecting wealth.

Kathy Ann Anderson has witnessed a different view in far Northern California, however. As CEO of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation since it began in 1999, Anderson has seen the beauty and positive results that have grown out of individuals, groups and organizations giving back to their communities … Continue Reading


Redding Police Chief Hansen Announces Retirement

After 27 years with the Redding Police Department and over 30 years in law enforcement, Redding Police Department Chief Peter Hansen has decided to retire.

“The proudest moment of my professional career was when I was chosen to lead this organization as Chief of Police. I firmly believe, and have always believed, the most valuable asset of this agency is the high-quality employees. Our success is a direct result … Continue Reading