Menuplease: New China Serves Fine Cuisine

Strip malls are not usually the first place you look when choosing a restaurant. There’s just something about those impersonal, interchangeable squares of real estate with high-gloss walls, big glass storefronts and acres of asphalt just a few steps from… Continue Reading


Menuplease at Sailing Boat: No Pop in the Pao

Sailing Boat is still very popular after 14 years and consistently gets voted Best Chinese Restaurant in those polls certain publications run. The prices are low, servings are generous, the interior is clean and attractive, staff is friendly and service… Continue Reading


MenuPlease at El Mariachi’s: Good Mexican at Four Corners

The spot occupied by El Mariachi’s has seen a host of restaurants come and go over the years. If Femme de Joie’s memory serves her, El Mariachi’s was previously owned by the fine folks at La Cabana and has been… Continue Reading


Menuplease at Kobe: The Tom Jones of Restaurants

To look at the impressive faux-Italianate façade on the new restaurant at the corner of Shasta and Market Streets – the Sherven Square complex – you’d think that, well, a Tuscan restaurant was housed there. There’s nothing Asian about the… Continue Reading


MenuPlease at Los Gordos: Offal Isn’t Awful

As noted before in this space, Redding seems to have more Mexican restaurants per square inch than any other town in the Sacramento Valley. If anyone can come up with a reasonable explanation, please speak up. This is not a… Continue Reading


MenuPlease at Chu’s Too: Go 10 Hour! No Problem!

A few years after opening his hugely successful destination Skyroom at the Redding Airport, restaurateur Peter Chu announced that his brother Mark would be opening a small casual restaurant in the Pine Street School in downtown Redding. Femme de Joie… Continue Reading


Senor Rosas – Dos

Back when Wes Matthews was a Shasta High School student, he enjoyed meals at Senor Rosas, a popular Mexican restaurant hangout known for its understated ambiance and tasty, inexpensive food. At the time, Senor Rosas was owned by Charlie Nelson, a friend’s father. When Matttews grew older enough… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Aunt Sheli’s Deli Delights Madame

About a year and a half ago, a new building went up on Yuba Street next to the beautiful Dobrowski House. The designer had the good taste to mimic the California craftsman style of that lovely old home (now used… Continue Reading


Brian Garcia Conquers His 1,000-Pound Grilla

Grilla Bites owner Brian Garcia obtained a lease for his restaurant in March ’08, negotiated with the city for four months about plans for a patio, filed a permit application that July, and four months later got permission to begin… Continue Reading