Do Not Cry Over Soured Milk: Cook with it

I cannot waste food, even soured milk, which many sane people pour down the drain. Sour milk is a valuable (well, maybe that’s a slight stretch) ingredient. It comes to mind this week because my half & half and whole milk both soured before I could… Continue Reading


Have Your Little Way – Eat Peach Cobbler Every Day

“If I had my little way I’d eat peaches every day.” –Presidents of the USA (video)

Peaches are currently plentiful in the North State. Lucky for us we can now savor the opportunity to eat peaches every day as the song suggests. How do you enjoy the quintessential summer fruit? Besides enjoying a warm, fresh peach picked from a tree, I love to make peach cobbler for my family. Cobblers Continue Reading


Plain-Jane Dessert? Caramel Sauce to the Rescue

You’ll know I’ve been kidnapped by alien creatures the day I serve a dessert bare, such as a plain-Jane portion of bread pudding or an uninspired square of gingerbread cake. Anyone who knows me knows I’d doll up either of those desserts… Continue Reading


Doni’s Tomato Basil Soup – A Delicious Way to Start 2011

Please don’t think I’m a vain cook, but here’s one problem I have when I make up a recipe that turns into a crowd-pleasing keeper. People ask for the recipe, and then I get this look on my face (what the heck … I forgot… Continue Reading