January 2015 in the Garden & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

It’s a new year. And in the first days of this New Year, I’m planting a new garden. In many ways, this garden – like this year – is a blank slate. The new garden is on an oddly shaped… Continue Reading

Cutting Back: Winter Pruning For Health, Light, Air & Vigor

The first few months of the new year is the season for cutting back – in our lives and in our gardens. Throughout the region nurseries and gardening groups offer pruning demonstrations and workshops for deciduous trees (particularly fruit trees)… Continue Reading


Pruning Summer Flowering Shrubs: Old-Fashioned Hydrangeas

We as gardeners face many dilemmas, some more difficult than others. For many gardeners, pruning falls under the heading of garden dilemma. Every year, I get questions regarding how and when to prune various things in our North State gardens.… Continue Reading