In a North State Garden and Two New Friends

On Tuesday April 8th, I hosted a special edition of In a North State Garden during Northstate Public Radio’s Spring Membership drive the theme for which has been “A Steady Stream.” With this in mind, my special was a celebration… Continue Reading

Cutting Back: Winter Pruning For Health, Light, Air & Vigor

The first few months of the new year is the season for cutting back – in our lives and in our gardens. Throughout the region nurseries and gardening groups offer pruning demonstrations and workshops for deciduous trees (particularly fruit trees)… Continue Reading


Meet The Masters – the North State Master Gardener Programs

This week we have the pleasure of hearing from Pam Geisel, Statewide Coordinator of the UC Master Gardener Program – several counties of which are accepting applicants for this fall – including Glenn and Shasta. Pam gives us an update… Continue Reading


California Smart Landscaping Conference, Oct. 21 – An Interview with Pam Geisel

Pam Geisel is the Statewide Master Gardener Coordinator for the University of California, and for the last few years she has lived and gardened in Hamilton City, a small, scenic town in Glenn County. Being a North Stater herself now,… Continue Reading

Savoring August & The Monthly Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

Ahhh, long hot days, coolish nights and the plump, fragrant flesh of tomatoes. August is the iridescent shimmer of sunshine along the edge of the scented foliage of exuberant tomato plants – running wild in the vegetable garden. It is… Continue Reading