Peddling News, Not Pedaling News

After a couple weeks on the bicycle beat, I’m giving the two-wheelers a rest (well, mostly) for today. I’ll be writing about upcoming bicycle races and events, including the return of a popular mountain bike racing series in coming weeks,… Continue Reading

Gear Heads, Rejoice – Kool April Nites Is Here

The Kool April Nites car show extravaganza begins this Saturday, April 9, and continues with car shows, concerts and other events every day through April 17. The two biggest events are the cruise, scheduled for Friday evening, April 15, and… Continue Reading


More Kudos for the Music Max Concert

There’s something richly dynamic and impressive about teachers and students collaborating in a showcase of art. This happened repeatedly during Music Max’s two-year anniversary party/concert in Anderson River Park on Sunday. As I mentioned in an advance for the event,… Continue Reading


Highway money hits a roadblock

Remember how excited we felt when we believed highway money was on its way to straighten the nauseatingly curvy Highway 299 at Buckhorn Summit?

And remember how relieved we felt to imagine a Highway 44 interchange at Stillwater Road, the site of some horrific crashes over the years?

Cheer no more, as you read this California Department of Transportation press release we received Tuesday. Apparently, there’s not enough money left for these projects.
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