Autumnal Acts of Faith: Planting Alliums for Food and Beauty

PHOTO: The dense spherical head of the ornamental Allium ‘Globemaster’ in a home garden in Chico, CA. I am planting bulbs, culinary and ornamental. A heavy box of hope and spring dreams arrived from the heirloom bulb supplier Old House… Continue Reading


Getting to Know a Familiar Face: Manzanitas of North America

Today I am joined by Michael Kauffmann co-author of the new Field Guide to the Manzanitas of California, North America and Mexico, published this year by Backcountry Press. Michael last joined me in 2012 after the publication of his first… Continue Reading

Living Wild (and Eating your Weeds) with Alicia Funk

“Eat your weeds,” is a comment you might hear in conversation with regional author Alicia Funk. This struck me as humorously ironic given that last week’s interview taught us more about ways to effectively eradicate troublesome weeds, but never did… Continue Reading


Hedgerows for Habitat & Haven: in the Large Landscape, in the Garden

“For all our grumbling about wasteful and purposeless government spending, I look at this project and think to myself: ‘Now this is money well spent,’” said Emily Alma, co-owner with five others since 1987 of Riparia, an organic 12-acre farm… Continue Reading


September’s Sensual Salvias – an Interview with Mike Thiede, Regional Plantsman

Mike Thiede gets excited about plants. “You will never guess what I just found?” he said in all excitement the last time I met with him – and he did not wait for me to answer or guess, but continued… Continue Reading


The Lovely Wild Buckwheats – Eriogonum in the Garden – an interview with John Whittlesey, Canyon Creek Nursery & Design

It’s August. It’s hot and dry in interior northern California and in most cases, our gardens are looking a little…worn, a little worse for the wear of our long, hot, dry summers. Every gardener I know, prefaces a high or… Continue Reading

The Gateway Science Museum and Its Ecoregions-Based Gardens in Chico

The Gateway Science Museum’s facilities are very close to complete. The building and the landscapes should be final within weeks, public school field trips and other public programming, including “Saturdays at the Gateway” open houses and tours, will begin this fall and the Grand Opening for daily ticketed visitors is set for early 2010. Continue Reading