Not the Onion: Shasta County Supervisor Patrick Jones Passes Polygraph Test

There’s no question District 4 Supervisor Patrick Henry Jones is Shasta County’s prevaricator par excellence. In recent months, as documented by ANC, Jones has blatantly and maliciously lied about political opponents past and present. Continue Reading


Council Serves Up Dream For Ice Cream Businesses

Call it a victory for ice cream truck drivers everywhere — with two scoops of preserving Americana tossed in at no charge. The Redding City Council on Tuesday night voted to loosen restrictions on sound trucks, which influences the way… Continue Reading


Sunday Funny: Gotta Love Our City Council

Watch your elected Redding City Council in action: Click here for video of the July 20 meeting’s lengthy discussion of agenda item 9D, about Redding Police union contract concessions. After much public comment on the topic, council members begin their discussion about 1:58 hours… Continue Reading


Redding City Council Drama: Medical Marijuana, Backyard Chickens and Beleaguered Turtle Bay

Why pay for entertainment when we can attend Redding City Council sessions for free? Drama, enlightenment, humor, sarcasm, open hostility, thinly veiled put-downs, blunders, misunderstandings were all there Tuesday. But the city council members weren’t the only performers. Really, popcorn was the only… Continue Reading