Reflections in The Mirror (While Shaving): Part 27

A little advice to men posting photos on a dating service … don’t pose wearing a wife-beater T-shirt, while holding up a fish (bigger is not better) with your pit bull Sparky nearby. I heard someone say he was depressed… Continue Reading


Reflections in a Mirror (While Shaving): Part 26

My mustache recently had its 30th birthday so I whacked it. The logic for doing so, like the hair, was a little gray and fuzzy. When my upper lip was visible, I immediately remembered why I covered it for so… Continue Reading


Reflections in a Mirror (While Shaving): Part 24

• Images burned into my brain … tan leisure suit, flowered shirt, white belt and shoes … white suit, spread collar shirt … Jeez doctor, tell me I never did that, even for a day.

• Doctor … Sure, OK, you never did that … pay on your way out and next week, let’s try to move you out of the seventies.

• Calamari dipped in batter, fried in oil, and … Continue Reading


Reflections in a Mirror (While Shaving): Part 23

• Nomination for the most influential person in our lives? … Whoever gave us our last haircut leaving high school … Most of us were so impressed we’ve kept the style forever.

• I so admire people who are naturally positive … I spend too much time in a snit trying to buy into that up-beat s— …

• When did my swagger become a waddle?… a swaddle? … Continue Reading


DA Candidate Carlton: Benito Lost the Public’s Trust

The most powerful person in our criminal justice system is the District Attorney. Due to the great power and responsibility entrusted to the District Attorney, it is imperative for the District Attorney to possess integrity and judgment. If the District Attorney does not possess these qualities, serious problems will exist in the criminal justice system and public trust will be lost.

Shasta County has serious problems … Continue Reading