Gear Heads, Rejoice – Kool April Nites Is Here

The Kool April Nites car show extravaganza begins this Saturday, April 9, and continues with car shows, concerts and other events every day through April 17. The two biggest events are the cruise, scheduled for Friday evening, April 15, and… Continue Reading

National Parks Are Free Starting Saturday

Free. Gratis. No charge. On the house. You’ll hear something along those lines when you roll up to the entrance at Lassen Volcanic National Park anytime from this Saturday, April 17, through Sunday, April 25. It’s National Park Week, and… Continue Reading


Car Key To My Heart

Kool April Nites. Once a year, the air in this city is permeated with the smell of exhaust. The sounds of varied engines combine to produce a unique concert, including the purr of the vintage Cadillac and the throaty roar… Continue Reading