Council Discussion on Decorum Leads to a Lack Thereof

In introducing the topic of improved decorum on the Redding City Council, Missy McArthur admitted she set the bar pretty high when she challenged fellow council members to be more like President Ronald Reagan. “I wish we could become great… Continue Reading


Non-profit Status Makes Giving to Bella Vista Farms Even Easier — and It’s Deductible Too

For the past 30 years, Bob and Chic Miller have operated their Bella Vista Farms with the single goal of providing a loving, lifelong home to neglected, abused, abandoned, injured and forgotten animals. Theirs has been a not-for-profit operation in… Continue Reading


Redding Council Prepares to Tackle Pension Time Bomb

  Redding’s largesse in the 1980s and 1990s, when the city offered its employees high-end pension benefits, has returned to take a monstrous bite out of recession-depleted coffers. How big a bite? In a best-case scenario, the city will need… Continue Reading