So You Want to Kill Your Lawn and Create a Sense of Place – an Interview with Michael Cook

An arid summer is a fact of life for North State gardeners. It’s the dry side of our Mediterranean climate. But ever-increasing awareness around the need for water conservation and creative use and re-use of water (as well as all… Continue Reading


The Lovely Wild Buckwheats – Eriogonum in the Garden – an interview with John Whittlesey, Canyon Creek Nursery & Design

It’s August. It’s hot and dry in interior northern California and in most cases, our gardens are looking a little…worn, a little worse for the wear of our long, hot, dry summers. Every gardener I know, prefaces a high or… Continue Reading

Savoring August & The Monthly Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

Ahhh, long hot days, coolish nights and the plump, fragrant flesh of tomatoes. August is the iridescent shimmer of sunshine along the edge of the scented foliage of exuberant tomato plants – running wild in the vegetable garden. It is… Continue Reading

Where the Wild (and Cultivated) Orchids Bloom: An Interview with Donna and Dick Murrill of Durham

The emails started a month ago: the buds are looking close. Then two weeks ago: some are open up Caribou Road outside of Oroville – but peak bloom is still a ways off. And now – I’ve seen a few… Continue Reading


The Literary Garden: Mt. Shasta Garden Tour and Spring Hill Nursery and Gardens, Mt. Shasta

Literature and gardening have long gone hand in hand. This weekend, and for the past five years, literature in Siskiyou County gets a helping-hand from the annual Mt. Shasta Garden Tour – organized by Katie Jessup, owner of Spring Hill… Continue Reading


Humidity-Loving and High-Drama Hydrangeas with Daran Goodsell, Chico

With this long-lingering and actually humid (muggy even) spring-into-summer transition we are experiencing (and mostly enjoying), the regional hydrangeas are looking their very best. Perfect time to revisit Daran Goodsell’s hydrangea collection in Chico. I grew up spending several weeks… Continue Reading