Lyn’s Love Song to Redding (or, Goodbye Sizzle, Hello Drizzle!)

It’s going to be Redding’s misfortune to lose the dynamic couple pictured above. Portland, meanwhile, stands to benefit immensely. Lyn and Jesse Rosten are blowing this Popsicle stand for points further north, and woe are we. Most folks in these… Continue Reading


A Conversation With Filmmaker Jesse Rosten: Late-Night Informercial Inspired ‘Fotoshop’ Parody

Yesterday I spoke with Jesse Rosten, the uber-talented Redding director and cinematographer, about a recent film project of his that’s created quite a buzz, not just in the North State, but around the world. I could describe it as a… Continue Reading

Free Screenings Celebrate Cascade’s New HD Projector

Jefferson Public Radio & the Cascade Theatre will thank the community for its generosity and give the public an opportunity to experience the amazing color of the theatre‚Äôs new state-of-the-art digital HD projector in two separate free events on Sunday,… Continue Reading