California to Italy – First Stop, Venice

Goodbye, California! Hello, Italy. I’m officially on my way toward Slow Food International’s Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy. But first I detoured via Venice to meet up with son, Joe, and daughter-in-law Marie, Czech Republic residents who are now card-carrying Slow… Continue Reading


Writings of a Wanderer: Walking Through Water in Venice

My husband and I explored Naples, Rome, Florence, and Venice during our honeymoon in Italy. Venice enchanted us with its spectacular scenery and its intriguing history: We arrive in Venice by train after dark. A chilly sea breeze reminds us… Continue Reading


Italy’s Perfumed, High-heeled Florence Is No Disney Chick

I’ve heard Florence dismissively described as “Renaissance Disneyland” for her abundance of color, beauty and summer crowds, but you’d be hard pressed to find a greater concentration of important and incredible works of art anywhere else in the world. Practically… Continue Reading


Rome, Part 1: When God’s Cop Speaks, Listen

In Rome the past and the present exist side-by-side, so it isn’t difficult to see why it’s called the Eternal City.  Watching people talking on cell phones while strolling past the ancient Coliseum is surreal, yet it somehow makes sense. … Continue Reading