To Haiti and Back: Milot’s Tent City

After the January 12 earthquake struck the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, the population swelled in the sleepy town of Milot, the “North State for Haiti” team’s week-long home base. Victims of the quake, their families, medical professionals, aid workers, and… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: A Family Affair

Among the army of volunteers already in the trenches at Hopital Sacre Coeur when the “North State for Haiti” team arrived in Milot, was sixteen-year-old, Bay Area teenager, Rebekah Ryan. Rebekah, who begged her mom to send her alone to… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: Good Intentions and a Pile of Glasses

During the preparation phase for the “North State to Haiti” adventure, nurse Libby Hernandez was true to the “what’s-good-for-them,” not “what’s-good-for-you” mindset of relief aid work. Advice from a colleague with aid experience in India set her on a mission to… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: Local Team Preps for Rx-treme Adventure

Providing medical relief work in developing countries is like a case of malaria. Once you’ve done it, it sits inside of you, waiting to re-infect.  OK, bad analogy. Helping others is far more rewarding than fevers, chills and jaundice, but… Continue Reading