To Haiti and Back: Au Revoir, Haiti

The “North State for Haiti” team should have known we were out of our element the minute we turned the corner into the waiting area at Miami International Airport to board our flight to Port-au-Prince. The boarding lounge had transformed… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: New Beginnings, on New Legs

Admantha Lizaire is a pretty typical twenty-something. She enjoys watching music videos and has plans to return to school soon to study cosmetology. But on January 12 at 9:53 p.m., she was descending the stairs from the third floor of… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: Milot’s Tent City

After the January 12 earthquake struck the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, the population swelled in the sleepy town of Milot, the “North State for Haiti” team’s week-long home base. Victims of the quake, their families, medical professionals, aid workers, and… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: A Family Affair

Among the army of volunteers already in the trenches at Hopital Sacre Coeur when the “North State for Haiti” team arrived in Milot, was sixteen-year-old, Bay Area teenager, Rebekah Ryan. Rebekah, who begged her mom to send her alone to… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: Toto, We’re Not in Redding Anymore

Clearly, a fairy godmother has been watching over the “North State for Haiti” team since we left Redding on Tuesday. We survived an outbound flight debacle, an unexpected overnight in Florida and a one-way flight to Cap Haitien, turned multiple-layover… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: Good Intentions and a Pile of Glasses

During the preparation phase for the “North State to Haiti” adventure, nurse Libby Hernandez was true to the “what’s-good-for-them,” not “what’s-good-for-you” mindset of relief aid work. Advice from a colleague with aid experience in India set her on a mission to… Continue Reading

‘North State for Haiti’ Medical Relief Fundraiser

What: “North State for Haiti” Medical Relief Mission Fundraiser When: Tuesday (June 29), 6 p.m. Where: Vintage Wine Bar & Restaurant 1790 Market St, Redding Featuring Live Music by Andy Ooley, Silent Art & Grand Prize Auction, Incredible Raffle and… Continue Reading


To Haiti and Back: Local Team Preps for Rx-treme Adventure

Providing medical relief work in developing countries is like a case of malaria. Once you’ve done it, it sits inside of you, waiting to re-infect.  OK, bad analogy. Helping others is far more rewarding than fevers, chills and jaundice, but… Continue Reading