No Justice for West Valley Victims: Hell Hath No Fury Like Protective Mothers

Two years after their sons were victims of hazing and sexual assault by bigger, older varsity football players, a pair of mothers still await justice, not just for their boys, but every student brutalized while attending West Valley High School.… Continue Reading


No Justice for Alleged Hazing Victims; No Consequences for Alleged Assailants

Warning: This story deals with graphic, disturbing details that may be inappropriate for younger readers. Preface Imagine: You’re an invited guest on a high school campus. As you head for your car, you’re jumped from behind by a group of… Continue Reading


West Valley High School Hazing Incident Included Rape, Allege Parents

Editor’s note: Due to the sensitive nature of this story, comments were initially disabled on this story out of consideration and respect for the alleged victims and their families. We are activating the comments plugin today. If you see a… Continue Reading