Tuesday Reception Features Stefan Baumann, Renowned PBS Artist (Doni’s Art Teacher)

I hope you saw your invitation on anewscafe.com about Tuesday evening’s art reception and demonstration by Stefan Baumann, renowned oil painter and PBS artist. Perhaps you watched his PBS series, “The Grand View: America’s National Parks Through the Eyes of an… Continue Reading

Art Reception: Beyond The Literal Essence

Join D’Ann Bourne and Kathleen Evans at the reception for their show, “Beyond The Literal Essence,” at Fator’s Custom Framing and Silk Purse Gallery. It’s Friday, September 9, from 5 to 8 p.m. The champagne will be cold and the… Continue Reading


Renowned PBS Artist Teaches in Redding

I wish someone had saved the first self-portrait I crayoned in Miss Wright’s kindergarten class at Pine Street School. I’d drawn a circle that contained eyes and a mouth. No nose. Two stick arms protruded from where ears might be, and a two stick legs dangled from where one’s chin might be. Miss Wright tried to help me, but I felt hopeless. Continue Reading