Annual Fall Arts Weekend in Dunsmuir Begins With Friday Photography Show

Dunsmuir’s 2015 Annual Fall Art Walk scheduled for October 10th is the signature event in a weekend full of arts related activities. The annual Fall Art Walk scheduled from 1 to 6 on Saturday October 10th, will feature over 30… Continue Reading


Now that Winter’s gone: a Tribute to the Trees! Dunsmuir Botanical Garden

Every morning this time of year, from the early morning lifting through the trees and on the horizon just before 5 am to that hard to-pinpoint moment when morning has become full-fledged day, the birds regale us with their summer… Continue Reading


A Mid-Winter Holiday Walk in the Woods: Dunsmuir Botanical Garden

“Always free, always beautiful.” That’s what Candace Miller and Judy Harvey said of the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens as they toured me around recently. Judy, married to a former Dunsmuir City Manager, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and… Continue Reading

Where the Wild (and Cultivated) Orchids Bloom: An Interview with Donna and Dick Murrill of Durham

The emails started a month ago: the buds are looking close. Then two weeks ago: some are open up Caribou Road outside of Oroville – but peak bloom is still a ways off. And now – I’ve seen a few… Continue Reading