Land Use For Taxes: Churn Creek Bottom Shopping Center Benefits are Short-lived, Short-Sighted

Unfortunately, it appears that at least some people involved in local government do not understand what a bad idea it is to allow short term fiscal gains to dictate long term land use policy. What that does is to create… Continue Reading


The Mad Hatter and The Red Queen

The Mad Hatter and the Red Queen have taken over the financial system in this country and maybe the world. Standard and Poor’s downgraded the financial rating of the United States from “AAA,” the highest rating, to “AA+,” the next… Continue Reading


The Amazing Graduation

This month, I went to the most amazing graduation I have ever seen. I am a seasoned graduation goer. I played “Pomp and Circumstance” in the school band year after year, starting in the 4th grade. The only ones I missed… Continue Reading


Our Politics Get Curiouser and Curiouser

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is running as hard as he can away from what is probably the best thing he did as Governor of Massachusetts. As governor of that state, he supported and then signed into law one of the… Continue Reading


Dugan Barr: The ACLU and Tea Party On the Same Side?

A lot of people have expressed amazement that the Tea Party and the ACLU are both threatening to sue if the city puts “rules” for “controlling” the use of the Redding City Library parking lot by people handing out leaflets. How, they ask, could the ultra-conservative Tea Party and the “Commie Pinko” ACLU be aligned? Is the world upside down? These people should be sworn enemies, not allies … Continue Reading