Dude Wisdom: Weekend Visit, No Action?

Dear Dude:
I kissed my friend the other day. It was great, but I don’t feel great about it because I have a girlfriend. The girl I kissed is trying to convince me we should do it again but I don’t think I want to. She’s really cute, but I love my girlfriend and don’t want her to find out. Ahh, what do I do?
-John, Redding … Continue Reading


Dude Wisdom: The 3-day Rule & a Tattoo Terror

First, the Dude’s first event at Capone’s was pretty Dude-a-riffic. Talked to some really interesting people, answered a few questions and had a few of my own questions answered as well! Working on editing the footage to post a podcast, so bear with me. Also, I received some really good questions last week. I’m noticing more women are writing in, asking about their beaus. And I encourage … Continue Reading