Beyond Debate: There’s Still Time

Okay, so let me confess something before I get into this. I don’t like to argue. I really don’t. I’m a bit of a conflict-a-phobe. And in the last 15 years, I have learned to not argue with anyone who is convinced that human beings are not responsible for the current climate crisis impacting our Earth. I avoid this for the same reason I would avoid trying out for the Golden State Warriors. It is futile. I would completely and utterly fail. Continue Reading


Free Therapy #29: Mind your Moksha

We all seek control. Even my cat. Lately, she has been waking me up earlier than I want in the hopes that I will put our two German shepherds outside so she can have the whole house to herself. In… Continue Reading


Free Therapy #28: Languages of Love and Blame

It is tough being a human and one of the hardest tasks we face is making our relationships work.  From the moment we are born, we try to figure out how to relate to others.  It is the reason most… Continue Reading


Free Therapy #27: Couples in Pain

There is no sadder song than a failed marriage. When a marital union falls apart, it is like a large glass chandelier crashing to the floor, sending shards of glass in all directions. Everyone gets cut: children, parents, siblings and… Continue Reading


Free Therapy #26: Our Purpose

“Reality changes because we change in our perceptions and experiences of it. To try and stop that flow is to deny our very life force, our humanity. It is to try to force limitless truth into a particular container of… Continue Reading


Free Therapy #25: The Price You Pay for Love

Did you ever think that it would be like this? The price you pay for love. Did you ever think that it would feel like this? The price you pay for love. The price you pay, willingly. The price you… Continue Reading