Gardening from the Ground Up: Paying Attention to Your Feet

You know it’s summer when you’re barefoot as much as you are in your shoes in the house and in the garden. A friend recently said to me that he was practicing walking barefoot around his garden pathways to prepare… Continue Reading


A Mid-Winter Holiday Walk in the Woods: Dunsmuir Botanical Garden

“Always free, always beautiful.” That’s what Candace Miller and Judy Harvey said of the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens as they toured me around recently. Judy, married to a former Dunsmuir City Manager, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and… Continue Reading

In Good Company – From a Fall Perspective: The Companion Planting Display Beds at the McConnell Arboretum & Gardens at Turtle Bay

This article was first published early this past spring when the garden was just waking up from its winter sleep. The plants are grown in so nicely and look remarkably different in just this one growing season that I felt… Continue Reading

The Gateway Science Museum and Its Ecoregions-Based Gardens in Chico

The Gateway Science Museum’s facilities are very close to complete. The building and the landscapes should be final within weeks, public school field trips and other public programming, including “Saturdays at the Gateway” open houses and tours, will begin this fall and the Grand Opening for daily ticketed visitors is set for early 2010. Continue Reading