Board of Supes – 5/20: Architect Hired for New Adult Correctional Facility

The Board of Supervisors held a brief meeting this week, with a modest agenda. At every meeting of the Board, time is set aside for Supervisors to report on activities they have engaged in during the previous week as part… Continue Reading


Board of Supes – 5/13: EDC Says Economy Improving

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday received a report from Mark Lascelles, of the Shasta County Economic Development Corporation. It was modestly encouraging, and contained a cautionary tale within. The national economic environment is tepid; companies are not expanding and… Continue Reading


Board of Supes – 5/7: Emergency Declaration on Drought

The Board on this day received a report from Lori Scott, Treasurer of the County, on Investments for the quarter ending March 31. This dry-seeming report provides an interesting look at the management of revenues by public agencies. The county… Continue Reading

Board of Supes – 4/22: Library Report; Sundial Bridge Celebration; Keswick Water; Pot Grant

In a light meeting on this day, the Board of Supervisors received the annual report of the Shasta Public Libraries, delivered by Kimberly Niemer, Director of Community Services for the City of Redding. The Library Report included information from the… Continue Reading


Board of Supervisors 4/8: County Mental Health Money; ACID Water Transfer; Blood-borne Disease Prevention Project

On April 8, the Board of Supervisors transferred $1.8 million to meet increased costs for county mental health services. The Board conducted a public hearing to make budget adjustments in the Health and Human Services Agency. In 1991 the state… Continue Reading