Speaking of Dogs: The lowdown on jumping up

Question: “Our 5-month-old German shepherd jumps up on people. He already weighs 60 pounds and we’re afraid he will hurt my mother-in-law. Will he eventually outgrow this?”

Answer: You could wait the 10 or 12 years it will take for him to become too arthritic to jump up, or you can train him now to do something more socially acceptable. As we’ve talked about before, greeting disorders are best handled sooner than later. Continue Reading


Speaking of Dogs: Make food work for you

Developing the Skills of a Benevolent Leader – Part 1: FOOD

Last month we featured a dog that was adored and spoiled by his owner, yet died in an animal shelter.
This month we’ll begin to explore how the sad scenario might have been prevented through simple leadership and training.
In our story, the owner of the dog wanted so desperately to make him happy that she treated him like an exalted guest in her home.

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