New Cottonwood Business: This ‘n That Trading Post

Owners name(s): Sharon Westphal, Rick & Janell Morgan Name of business/company: This N That Trading Post Date business opened: May 5, 2012 Location: 20633 Gas Point Road, Suite B2, Cottonwood (Holiday Shopping Center) Days/hours of operation: Tuesday – Friday 10:00… Continue Reading


New Business: Rock Paper Scissors, Opens in Redding

What inspired you to open this business?

All things related to paper, pens and color have been a passion of mine since I was just 3. I discovered scrapbooking shortly after our first child was born, our daughter Mackenna, who is now 13. I wanted a place to channel all my creative energy that others would enjoy coming to also
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An ‘Unsinkable’ Night to Remember

One of the global events commemorating the last night aboard the RMS Titanic took place Saturday at Old School Restaurant in Redding,  100 years after the “unsinkable” Olympic-class passenger liner hit an iceberg, and plunged to the depths of the Atlantic.… Continue Reading