DFG Offers Sacramento Valley Winter Swan Tours

Join a Department of Fish and Game (DFG) naturalist-led swan tour of Marysville‚Äôs Rice and Waterfowl area November through January. Co-hosted by local rice farmers and land owners, these tours will focus on finding Tundra Swans, as this tract is… Continue Reading


Dana To Downtown Puts Double-Double Drivers on Easy Street

Starting this week, motorists who have just gorged on a Double-Double and chocolate shake should be able to exit the In-n-Out Burger parking lot on Dana Drive with ease. The improved access to burgers is only one upshot of the… Continue Reading


No Butts About Smoke-Free Beaches

It can be smoking hot at the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area beaches during the summertime. But when the next beach season arrives, there may not be any actual smoking. National Park Service officials are considering banning smoking at Whiskeytown’s four… Continue Reading