Menu Please: A Mixed Bag at Peacock in Anderson

Back in the late 1980s, there was a Peacock Restaurant on Lake Boulevard near… oh dear. Femme de Joie was about to say it was near Timber Lanes, but that bowling alley had closed up by that time. So it… Continue Reading


Able-Minded in a Disabled Body: The Dream to Walk

Growing  into my teen age years with cerebral palsy was hard. I was stuck in a damn wheelchair, and I couldn’t have conversations like everybody else because I was so hard for most people to understand. My family could understand… Continue Reading


Not PC About CP: Able-Minded in a Disabled Body

About me: My name is Melinda Curtis. I’m 39-years old and married. My husband’s name is Geff. We have three dogs and own a home in Anderson. I was born with cerebral palsy. Continue Reading