Opinion: Shooting Illegal Immigrants ‘Like Pigs’ – No Laughing Matter, Part 2

I thought back on how a very powerful elected representative from Kansas rationalized the taking of human life being compared to the killing of pigs. He later called his statement “a joke” during formal testimony before an Appropriations Committee hearing. It knocked me back… Continue Reading


Opinion: ‘Shooting Illegal Immigrants Like Pigs’ No Laughing Matter, Part 1

As Shasta County’s Northern Hispanic Latino Coalition prepared a celebration to honor  César Chávez, the man associated with peaceful and successful campaigns against racism, bigotry and exploitation of human beings, several recent events of apparently dehumanizing character seemed to enshroud the festivities of… Continue Reading


Phillips: Supreme Court Digs Big-Biz Political Donations

We all remember that on January 21, 2010 the Supreme Court overturned a restriction that dated back to 1907, when our Republican President Theodore Roosevelt called on Congress to forbid the all-powerful corporations, railroads and national banks from using their money… Continue Reading