Redding Narrowly Steps Back from Declaring Short-term Rentals an Urgency-Ordinance Emergency

There are truly troubling times when life-and-death emergencies motivate cities to adopt urgency ordinances. In Redding, two dire examples in recent memory were the Carr Fire and COVID-19. The significance of an urgency ordinance is it’s supposed to be addressed… Continue Reading


Company’s Coming: Airbnb

Sharing is usually a good thing, and Airbnb is no exception. Airbnb was launched just four years ago, based upon the idea of earning extra income by having guests pay to stay in a private citizen’s home. I’d only just… Continue Reading


Airbnb Allows Redding Couple to Welcome Worldwide Travelers into Their Home

Redding has nearly 100 Airbnb rentals, and today we talk with one Redding owner. Before we go too far down the road with this conversation,  here’s a short description of Airbnb, by Airbnb:  Airbnb is an online community marketplace that… Continue Reading